Facial Cleansing Grains???

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Someone... Anyone... What are cleansing grains?

Cleansing grains are a powdered facial cleanser made out of various ingredients such as oats, herbs, and clays that will cleanse and lightly exfoliate the face. When combined with water, or your choice of liquid, it forms a paste that can be used to cleanse your face. 

Why the change?

The purpose of mellyPop is to give everyone the tools to enhance their natural glow. One mistake commonly made is the over exfoliation of one's face. By using cleansing grains you are lightly exfoliating while cleansing, making for a better chance of avoiding over exfoliation by using harsher scrubs, or other methods of exfoliation, too often.

Cleansing grains are anhydrous meaning they don't contain water (until added during use, of course). This allows for the creation of the cleanser without the need for preservatives as used in the former foaming face wash. 

How to...



  • Tayla, I appreciate the special needs of youthful skin, but as an older female, I find that your products work very well to not only build, but to reestablish what my skin has lost or what has diminished over the years. Thank for specific products to help me maintain and enhance my natural beauty.

    Vee Howell on

  • I’m super excited to try the cleansing grains! My skin is tricky so I’m in need of a face product that isn’t harsh on my skin but is still able to exfoliate and cleanse!

    Jané on

  • So I have to say that I have been waiting for this launch! Tayla your products are amazing! I am into holistic health and natural products and your products are top of the line. Keep glowing and growing girl!!!

    Lanae Hawkins on

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