Peppermint Face Wash


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Peppermint Face Wash
This face wash is great for oily skin.
It's key natural ingredients that make this possible are Aloe Vera Gel, Olive Oil, and Peppermint Oil. 
        Aloe Vera Gel helps soothe infection and inflammation while it's anti-ageing properties help to reduce pore size and keep skin glowing. 
Olive Oil contains various antioxidants.
Peppermint Oil improves the texture of oily skin while giving a cooling sensation.
Leucidal Liquid is a natural, plant-based preservative from Active Micro Technologies. It is added to protect against bacteria, yeast, and mold in products that contain water or may come into contact with water such as scrubs being applied in the shower or with wet hands. It also delivers moisturizing and conditioning benefits.

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